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small food container small soup bowl thermos soup ontainer double wall stainless steel

Product Description

CSUM white thermos soup container is very suitable for kids and adult.Becasue it look up like a thermos soup bowl,Very beautiful and use. Wide mouth design is also very easy to wash. Double stainless steel vacuum design, the insulation effect is more durable.

Outside the body with paint treatment, smooth feel, but also the use of stripes design, increasing the sense of style and a unique sense of friction

CSUM kids  Exquisite appearance, optional insulation capacity, durable, easy to carry.Are you find -威尼斯网站0727.com.welcome to order themros.

Do you want to design your own personalizedthermos?we can customized your thermos.According to your requirements.yourdesign or your logo?Until you satisfied so far.


if you like the product, Welcome to us,also you can learn more about other ,pleasesend us a message.

SURE UP are a professional export brandsupplier of thermos&thermos, because we have own factory, after lessmiddlemen, therefore, strictly control the quality checks, affordable. Eachexport products have been the industry standard and certification, quality iscarefully done.

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